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FTTHFiber To The Home
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Spain, new entrant in the FTTH ranking since June 2012, also confirmed its dynamism.
Sweden takes second place in the European FTTH Ranking, with 22.
In its analysis, RVA found that all but eight of nearly 880 FTTH service providers surveyed have fewer than 30,000 subscribers, with only five having more than 50,000 access lines and 97 percent of them having fewer than 10,000.
In the conference, Omantel exchanged its experience with the participants on the successful deployment of FTTH technology by demonstrating to them the lessons learned from FTTH network design, rollout & implementation in the Sultanate of Oman.
Magyar Telekom is the largest player, with 290,000 FTTH homes passed by mid-2011 and an ambitious plan to provide up to 100 Mbps to 30 per cent of the country's households by 2013.
The initiative represents the next step in a process of extending the successful market development activities of the FTTH Council Europe into the Middle East region, a council spokesperson said.
ADSL users who do not feel compelled move on FTTH may continue to use to the current service, and entry-type ADSL service has also been introduced at an affordable price, allowing the ADSL market to be kept substantially large.
SBC has also announced plans to implement a limited FTTH deployment in greenfield applications in 2004, and to implement FTTH to approximately 300,000 premises in 2005.