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Active knee extension (a) did not result in full extension, whereas extension with single-joint hybrid assistive limb assistance resulted in full knee extension (b).
The designed knee ergometer which allows the utilization of the voluntary non-paretic movement had reduced the required stimulation to perform repetitive full knee extension of the paretic leg.
To ensure full range of motion was obtained for each repetition, the distal portion of the shin (tibia) had to contact a piece of nylon tape that was positioned at a height equal to full knee extension.
She had full knee extension and was capable of flexion to 130[degrees].
There was minimally painful medial knee joint opening at 25 degrees flexion with valgus stress test but there was no laxity at full knee extension.
The design goal was to maximize the locking torque of the SCKM at/near full knee extension by optimizing the moment arm as a function of knee angle while minimizing the torque that is required to drive the knee during the swing phase of gait when the mechanism is unlocked.
During open chain exercises, the amount of quadriceps muscle force required to extend the knee progressively increases as the knee moves from 90 to full knee extension [5].
Each turn cycle was defined as two consequent values of minimum knee flexion so that each cycle was composed of one left turn plus the sequential halves of the two associated right turns (Figure 2); 180[degrees] was considered full knee extension.
The start position was set at 70[degrees] to 75[degrees] of knee flexion and the end position at 5[degrees] to 40[degrees] of knee flexion, a position that corresponded approximately to full knee extension for each subject.
Since full knee extension is required to engage the knee lock, the knee will be unsupported if flexed during limb loading.