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FUMYFirst United Methodist Youth (Hendersonville, TN)
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The two-day summit included a variety of strategic keynote addresses, workshops and panel discussions featuring Abdulrahman Al-Friah, general manager of CERT-SA and CITC; Robert Schischka, managing director of the Austrian National CERT; and Walter Fumy, chair of IT security standards at ISO.
They also call the mother's brother gutin 'official', the father's sister fin 'lady of the house', a bamboo sedan chair xiaoyaoozi 'the free and easy', a son-in-law fumy the Emperor's son-in-law'--all things that one dares not say in the central counties.
Is it selfish of me to wish to enjoy the quiet mountain wilderness and unspoiled beauty of Waldo without the intrusion of noisy and fumy gas-powered, polluting "toys"?