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FUNAIFundação Nacional do Índio (Brazil)
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Funai developed the line of all-in-one inkjet printers to address lingering consumer dissatisfaction with the high cost of ink and cartridges that run out of ink too fast.
The KODAK VERITE 55 is the first in a line of new and innovative printing products coming from Funai and we are happy to be partnering with Kodak to deliver a product that consumers clearly want," said Kiyoshi Chinzei, General Manager, Office Solutions, Funai Electric.
While recognizing the effective contribution of indigenous peoples in biodiversity conservation, through traditional and community management of natural resources as well as the efforts of FUNAI and the MMA to protect and promote environmental management in indigenous lands, these efforts were not being sufficient to cope with the heavy pressure on indigenous lands.
Funai has been manufacturing and selling home entertainment electronic products under renowned brand names and is a main supplier to large Retail chains.
According to Funai, there are 428 Indian land tracts fully registered so far, with 12 in the process of being registered, 51 that have been ruled as Indian but have not been demarcated yet, and 115 claimed by Indians that are still being studied.
Fabricio Amorim, of Funai, said: "To confirm something like this takes years.
FUNAI says there are 67 tribes in Brazil that do not have sustained contact with the outside world.
According to industry insiders, CMO is expected to ship about five million TV-panel cells to Funai in 2010.
We get royalty streams, leave the distribution to Funai and still keep the Philips name out there.
Funai said it photographed "strong and healthy" warriors, six huts and a large planted area.
Funai of the department of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive services, Yale University, New Haven, Conn.
Funai will initially purchase and sell televisions manufactured by Philips and will later sell its own LCD TVs on the North American market under the Philips brands.