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FSOFree Space Optics
FSOFree Space Optical
FSOFile System Object (Microsoft)
FSOFaculté des Sciences Oujda (French: Oujda Science Faculty; Oujda, Morocco)
FSOFacilities Security Officer
FSOFire Safety Order (regulation)
FSOForeign Service Officer
FSOFile System Object
FSOFabryka Samochodow Osobowych
FSOField Selector Outside
FSOField Service Organization
FSOFloating Storage and Offloading (supertankers usually used for oil shipping)
FSOFederal Statistical Office (Germany)
FSOFull Scale Output
FSOFire Support Officer
FSOFinancial Service Organization
FSOFlag Service Organization (Scientology)
FSOFabryka Samochodow Osobowych (Poland passenger automobile factory)
FSOFund for Special Operations
FSOFamily Support Organization
FSOFloating Storage Offloading
FSOFlotilla Staff Officer
FSOFile Scripting Object (computing)
FSOField Security Operations
FSOFinancial Services Officer
FSOFull Spectrum Operations
FSOFlight Safety Officer
FSOFood Service Officer
FSOField Security Officer (United Nations)
FSOFlagstaff Symphony Orchestra (Flagstaff, Arizona)
FSOFox Sports Ohio
FSOField Security Office
FSOFlint Symphony Orchestra (Flint, Michigan)
FSOFirst Star Online (game)
FSOFood Stamp Outreach (various organizations)
FSOFuneral Service Operative (undertaker)
FSOForum Support Organisation
FSOFormer Significant Other
FSOFinancial Sanctions Officer
FSOFreinage du Sud-Ouest (French: Braking Southwest)
FSOFor Services Of
FSOFriday Shout Out
FSOField Service Officer
FSOFinancial Services of Ontario
FSOFender Shaped Object (musical instruments)
FSOFacilities Service Office (USPS)
FSOFederalnaya Sluzhba Okhrany (Russian: Federal Security Organization; successor of GUO and SBP)
FSOField Service Office
FSOFail-Safe Open
FSOFamily Service Ontario
FSOField Sales Office
FSOFleet Support Operations
FSOFill Station Operator
FSOFull Service Office
FSOFlight Surgeon's Office
FSOFuel Service Option (automobile rental)
FSOFleet Support Officer
FSOFirewall Security Officer
FSOFédération Suisse des Osthéopathes (French: Swiss Federation of Osteopaths)
FSOFuel Supply Office
FSOFlight System Operations (US NASA)
FSOField Service Orders (accounting software)
FSOFacilities and Services for Older Persons
FSOFacility Support Operator
FSOFacility Security Officer/Supervisor
FSOFamilles Sang et Or (French: Blood and Gold Families; Belgium)
FSOFactory Shipping Order
FSOFreshman Scholarship Options
FSOFor Spares Order
FSOForm, Space, and Order
FSOFree Standing Option (new vehicle option that is not sold as part of a package)
FSOFixed Site of Operation
FSOForce Structure Option
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The Asian Development Fund (AsDF), African Development Fund (AFDF), and Fund for Special Operations (FSO) are the comparable programs at the AsDB, AfDB, and IDB.
Governors instructed the IDB management to prepare a proposal to merge the financial resources of the Fund for Special Operations (FSO) the source of concessional lending for the poorest and most vulnerable member countries with the Ordinary Capital (OC), the Banks principal source of financing.
5 years and a LIBOR-based interest rate, and 40 percent of the Fund for Special Operations to 40 years with a grace period of 40 years and/or 25 percent interest.
3 million loan from the Fund for Special Operations, which has a 40-year grace period.
4 million will come from the Fund for Special Operations, with grace and repayment periods of 40 years and an interest rate of 0.
The loan comes 50% from the IDB s ordinary capital, with a 30-year maturity, and a 6-year grace period, and 50% from the IDB s Fund for Special Operations, with a single payment upon a 40-year gratuity, with a fixed interest rate.
The resources in the operation come in equal parts from the IDB's ordinary capital and its Fund for Special Operations.
The IDB loan is for 30 years and comes from its Ordinary Capital and Fund for Special Operations.
The IDB loan is composed of $48 million in ordinary capital over 30 years with a six-year grace period and a fixed interest rate; $12 million from the Fund for Special Operations, over 40 years and with the same grace period and an interest rate of 0.
An additional $93 million is from the Fund for Special Operations for a 40-year term, with a 40-year grace period and 0.
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