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FTAPFédération Tunisienne des Arts Plastiques (French: Tunisian Federation of Plastic Arts; Tunisia)
FTAPFair and Transparent Arbitration Process (NGO item concerning debt arbitration)
FTAPFunding Target Attainment Percentage (employment benefit calculation)
FTAPFrequency Time Amplitude Phase
FTAPFundamental Theorem of Asset Pricing (financial mathematics)
FTAPFederal Trespass Affidavit Program
FTAPFederal Tuition Assistance Program (university tuition subsidy)
FTAPFirst Term Alignment Program (USMC)
FTAPFast Track Application Process (Malaysia)
FTAPFault Tolerant Array Processor(s)
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MAP-21 increases a plan's adjusted funding target attainment percentage (AFTAP).
The additional information includes: a statement that MAP-21 changed interest rate calculations and that, as a result, the plan sponsor may contribute less money to the plan, plus a table for the applicable plan year and the two preceding years showing the funding target attainment percentage, funding shortfall and the minimum required contribution with and without the MAP-21 adjusted interest rates.
The IRS previously provided methods for estimating if a plan's funding target attainment percentage (using actuarial assumptions for at-risk plans) for the previous year was less than 70%.
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