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FLTFoundation for the Law of Time (Ashland, OR)
FLTFriendship, Love and Truth (Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
FLTFork Lift Truck
FLTFédération Luxembourgeoise de Tennis (French: Luxembourg Tennis Federation; Luxembourg)
FLTFairlight (software cracking group)
FLTFaculdade Luterana de Teologia (Portuguese: Lutheran School of Theology; Brazil)
FLTFuzzy Logic Toolbox
FLTFirst Level Technology
FLTFull Line Terminal
FLTFile Lifecycle Tracking
FLTFile Filter
FLTFermat's Last Theorem
FLTFrontal Lobe Type
FLTFreelancers Team
FLTFirst Lieutenant
FLTForeign Language Teaching (education)
FLTFirstline Therapy (therapeutic lifestyle change program for chronic diseases of aging)
FLTFinger Lakes Trail (footpath; New York)
FLTFermat's Little Theorem
FLTFull Liner Terms (charter)
FLTFull Length Transcript (genetics)
FLTFull Load Torque
FLTFairfield Language Technologies
FLTFull Line Terminal (Cisco)
FLTForest Leadership Team
FLTFeels Like Today (song)
FLTFunny Little Thing (OS bugs during Apollo G/S development)
FLTFrequency Line Tracker
FLTFirstline Trust (CIBC Mortgages and Lending subsidiary, Toronto, Canada)
FLTFunctional Level Test
FLTFoothills Land Trust (est. 2002)
FLTFriday Lunchtime Talk
FLTHarley-Davidson Tour Glide motorcycle model
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Pam explained: "He makes this funny little thing that you put your glasses on.
Mum, Lisa, 37, a team manager for the Co-op group, said: "He did this funny little thing where he nuzzled your shoulder.
She's a funny little thing," Heffernan said of the winner.
She only eats out of a pink bucket and without her mirror she stresses - she's a funny little thing.
The present one, situated between the enclosures and the stables, is a funny little thing, not unpleasant, but small to tiny.
The tree we brought home that year (before we decided to celebrate only Hanukkah in our home), was a funny little thing wider than it was tall, and terribly misshapen.
He had a funny little thing on his withers and whether that affected him I don't know.
Sock is such a funny little thing to look at, you can't really tell the front end from the back, but he can move like lightening.
The comic specializes in observational humor, pointing out those funny little things that others miss.
And so, too, is Dudley Showcase which hardly ever screens foreign films with those funny little things called subtitles.
That's the stuff you don't want to forget because it's such funny little things, like working in the chip shop, and me and Tiffany (Martine McCutcheon).
And it's the funny little things, that I hardly thought about when I was here.