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FURAForces United for Rapid Action (Puerto Rican police)
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The event attracted more than 70,000 people who gathered to welcome the New Year in with a groundbreaking and surprising outdoors macro-show by the Catalan theatre company La Fura dels Baus.
It's not that hard," remarks FuRa as a crowd of students finds resonance in his wordings describing student hardships, University events and youth competitions are a big part of a student experience as they open up opportunities.
Is it true that we supposedly gave up part of the strategically important Kodra Fura and gained a less important territory at the peak of Sar Mountain around Lukovo Pole?
The tenant was represented by Doug Fura of NAI Farbman and David Nenner of RREEF--the building's owner.
Further, her evocation of places such as San Paolo Fura le Mura in Rome, the Benedictine establishment where Conaci died and was buried in an unmarked grave, reveals both her empathy and her impressive talent as a writer.
CRI sufferer Carmen Rios told El Nuevo Diario that these statements may be true now, but the company has used Gramoxone, Randox, Fura Dan, Maduradores Defoliantes, Ansar, and others for a long time.
The author explains that the term fura bola or fura bolo does exist in Portuguese for index finger, and literally means "to pierce a cake" (34).
SPANISH Arts group La Fura dels Baus rehearse for the Singapore Arts Festival with an act called Dreams in Flight.
Zodarion lutipes was also found in Fura Reserve in semi-desert grassland habitat (about 20 km N of Be'er Sheva, 31[degrees]27'N, 34[degrees]45'E).
However, a thought-provoking modern interpretation from the avant-garde theatre group Fura dels Baus at the Salzburg production in 1999, changed all this, vindicating the imagination of Berlioz.
Madrid-based theatre group La Fura dels Baus brings its extraordinary play XXX to Edinburgh after performing to sell-out European audiences for the last two years.