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FBFacebook (website)
FBFantasy Baseball
FBBulgaria Air (airline code)
FBFrauenbeauftragte (German: Women's Assembly)
FBFirst Blood (gaming clan)
FBBoard Feet (Canada)
FBFacilities Based
FBFinalBurn (arcade game emulator)
FBFacilities Board
FBFirebat (Starcraft game)
FBFire Bush
FBFast Broadcasting
FBFurukawa Battery Co. Ltd. (Japan)
FBFatty Bombatty (font)
FBFunbots (QuakeNet gaming)
FBFoolish Buyer (real estate)
FBFauve de Bourgogne (rabbit breed)
FBFailure Biasing
FBFrontline Brothers (gaming clan)
FBFour-way Box
FBFarside Blues
FBFine Business (morse code used by ham radio operators)
FbFrederiksberg (Danish railway station)
FBFarum Boldklub (Danish soccer club)
FBFinance Bureau (Hong Kong)
FBFlat Bed
FBFinal Boss (gaming clan)
FBFriends with Benefits
FBFinance Battalion
FBFootbridge (UK maps)
FBFixed Bridge
FBFishing Boat
FBFull Bridge
FBFuse Board
FBFrame Buffer
FBFreight Bill
FBFarm Bureau
FBFast Busy
FBFat Bastard
FBFenerbahce (Turkey)
FBFenian Brotherhood
FBFighter Bomber
FBFire Base
FBFire Break
FBFiring Battery
FBFixed Block
FBFlat Bar
FBForeign Body
FBForward Boundary
FBFoul Ball
FBFeature Board (Cisco)
FBFully Built (rebuild engine with aftermarket parts, generally high power output)
FBFire Builder (Mic-O-Say, Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America)
FBFireball (gaming)
FBFederal Building
FBFusebox (web application framework)
FBFruits Basket (anime)
FBFun Buddy (polite form)
FBFinger Breadth
FBFelügyelo Bizottság (Hungarian: Supervisory Board)
FBFraming Bit
FBFly Ball (baseball)
FBFull Bath
FbFrom Below
FBFinancing Bill
FBFast Break
FBFozzie Bear (The Muppet Show character)
FBFull Board (hospitality industry)
FBFiber-Optic Backbone
FBFenerbahce (Turkish Soccer Team)
FBFrostburn (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
FBFiber Board
FBFurnace Brazing
FBFriendship Book (swapping)
FBFuse Block
FBFresno Bee (newspaper)
FBFerris Bueller (movie character)
FBFringe Benefit
FBFluxbox (Unix/Linux window manager)
FBFrank Black (musician)
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FIREFIGHTERS tackled a fusebox fire in a home in Kegworth on Friday morning.
A SHOP boss was amazed to find a cannabis farm and a fully furnished bedroom in the basement after he went to check the fusebox.
It looks as if it was put in by an Indian" (pointing at an old-fashioned fusebox in a factory near Edinburgh in 1999).
It will travel to PS122, Austin's Fusebox Festival and UCLA during 2017.
The Community Carnival in Captain Cook Square where one of the groups performing was Fusebox, an after school club for youngsters from Middlesbrough Schools
The film - billed as the "off-beat comedy of the summer" - is based on the BAFTA and BIFA-nominated short Emotional Fusebox.
Her largest, most sprawling collaboration to date is arguably the Pig Pile, a three-year collaboration among Kempson and a gaggle of Austin groups: ScriptWorks, Fusebox Festival, Physical Plant, Rude Mechs, Rubber Repertory, and Salvage Vanguard Theater (with support from Full Stage USA).
The features and functions integrated in the new design cover 4K Ultra HD monitors, advancements in the FuseBox, and the StrataFlex technology.
He also charged an 88-year-old customer an "exorbitant" PS7,500 for a new fusebox he said she needed at her home - but instead used the cash to buy a new van for his aerial installation business.
Powered by the Micros Payment Gateway and Elavon's Fusebox gateway solution, this next generation payment environment is built upon decades of proven PMS and payment processing expertise.
Producing self-conscious folk, people who tilt toward self-parody, the aw-shucks auxiliary is a fusebox built into hillbilly speech, put there, many say, to keep us from overloading, and getting beyond ourselves, from tooting our own horn, and acting like we was, you know, etc.
They arrived after a 17-mile diversion to find the blackout was nothing to do with the storms and power could be brought back simply by flicking the trip switch in his fusebox.