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SIMI VALLEY - Simi Valley officials are considering a rental subsidy program for low-income seniors living in mobile homes, setting a City Council vote for May 1 on the program that would essentially freeze rents at 1997 levels and pay 75 percent of future rent increases for those who qualify.
The agreement also limits future rent increases to allow the building to continue to be affordable.
The lease agreement will limit future rent increases to keep the building affordable to residents that qualify for Mitchell Lama housing.
It takes no stretch of the imagination to conclude that these renters will be more likely to pay their rent on time and to accept future rent increases.
An increase in renters' incomes will mean more money available for essentials, such as housing costs, which allows those renters to pay their rent on time and to accept future rent increases.
The agreement reached Monday night limits future rent increases on 34 of the very-low-income units, but also would reduce the number of affordable units from 95 to 69.
By 2007, loans to investors were being made on the basis of overly optimistic projections of future rent increases and presumptions of wholesale evictions and turnover of rent regulated tenants.
It is advisable to get the highest possible rent at the very beginning of the lease and to make any future rent increases modest and with less frequency.
In addition, future rent increases would be tied to an index such as the Consumer Price Index, which measures inflation.
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