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FYAFoundation for Young Australians (est. 1978)
FYAFor Your Amusement
FYAflashing yellow arrow
FYAFirst Year Allowances (United Kingdom Corporation Tax Act 2001)
FYAFor Your Attention
FYAFédération Yoga et Ayurveda (French Yoga federation)
FYAFor Your Awareness
FYAFor Your Acknowledgement
FYAforskolin, yohimbine and aminophylline (topical gel)
FYAFort York Armories (Canadian Forces Reserve Base in Toronto)
FYAFor Your Action
FYAFor Your Approval
FYAFor Your Assistance
FYAFirst Year Affairs
FYAFor Your Authorization
FYAFor Your Anger (Internet slang)
FYAFuture of Youth Association (Hazel Crest, IL)
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2012) How young people are faring 2012: The national report on the learning and earning of young Australians, Melbourne, FYA.
Since then, it has evolved into several initiatives such as an annual ten-day immersion trip to Bolivia by Saint Joseph's faculty and staff; immersion trips for members of FyA to Saint Joseph's University; and master's degree scholarship provided to a member of FyA to pursue an MBA at Saint Joseph's University, to name just a few.
FYA are Kizzi, 16, Tenza, 19, and Emma, 17, and they are about to up the ante for homegrown reggae and pop.
FYA have already supported Sean Paul on tour and their funky debut single, Must Be Love, will be released on February 2.
Tabla #2 Limite de Fluencia Incrementado, Fya, segun la Seccion A7.
In case of reinvestment, the project will be entitled for FYA at the rate of 50 per cent of cost of PME.
com will expand the Web presence of FYA by adding member benefit services like e-mail, vendor storefronts, virtual brochures, educational materials, real-time press releases, leasing, appraisal services and industry content.
AFAIK As Far As I Know AMHIK Ask Me How I Know B4 Before BCNU Be Seein' You BTL Between The Lines BTW By The Way CU See You CUL8TR See You Later D/L Download FWIW For What It's Worth FAQ Frequently Asked Question F2F Face to Face FYA For Your Amusement FYI For Your Information GA Go Ahead GMTA Great Minds Think Alike HD Hard Drive or High Density IMHO In My Humble Opinion KISS Keep It Simple Stupid LAN Local Area Network L8R Later MSG Message MYOB Mind Your Own Business NRN No Reply Necessary OIC Oh, I See POV Point Of View RFI Request For Information SBI So Be It SO Significant Other S/W Shareware TAFW That's All For Now TBC To Be Continued TIA Thanks In Advance TNX Thanks
In this example, the computer will search the file for all cells that are Jka, K, E, and Fya negative and PI positive.
The deal features Jamdown artists Smujji, MBC, Ward 21, Suncycle and FYA, as well as the first new studio album in almost twenty years from the legendary trombonist Rico Rodriguez.
This collaboration between academic and professional staff was integral throughout the development and implementation of the curriculum innovation, beginning with FYA participation on the transition and breadth working groups.
I have had the grgr gr g e of of of o as f o t i ch cha f r t fo fo for fya great honour of serving as this founda-t i on 's chairman for the last five years and its mission and success are my top priorities.