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FYROMFormer Yugoslavian Republic Of Macedonia
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Northern Greece, with a tourism industry built around Alexander, has resented the competition, and politicians in Athens have long feared cultural claims would lead to territorial ones; Greece and Fyrom alike have put "Welcome to Macedonia" signs on their sides of the border.
Greece has challenged the republic's right to call itself plain Macedonia ever since it declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, saying it implies territorial claims to the northern Greek province of the same name and has only agreed that the country be referred to internationally as Fyrom until the issue is resolved.
NORTH WALES COAST MATCHES Sep 3 - Hestrafors 1-1 (Harper); Sep 1 - Eastern Region 1-2 (Hay); Aug 30 - South East FYROM 0-1.
El problema es que FYROM, insistiendo en la adopcion de un nombre que usurpa la verdad historica y cultural de Macedonia, esconde reivindicaciones territoriales e irredentistas frente a Grecia.
At the time of the alleged crimes, the police units under the command of Tarculovski formed part of the Ministry of Interior of FYROM.
Greek Foreign Affairs Minister George Papandreou, who was among the first to visit Skopje and offer support, said that Greece was prepared to participate in a multinational force aiming at protecting FYROM.
On the basis of reports from camps in FYROM, refugees also were assessed for selected conditions (e.
Will the president's opinion influence the outcome of the negotiations between FYROM and Greece?
Palacevski addressed the participants of this event depicted irredentist symbols and a map of fYROM that included Greek territory.
Todor Pendarov in Utrinski vesnik comments that while we are in the audience watching from aside and cheering for the "ours", foreigners (EU and USA) will work to finally solve the biggest and most fundamental issue and that is FYROM which should be solved by the next summit of NATO scheduled for June and July next year.
Ask FYROM President" was the phrase this television channel used inviting viewers to ask questions, without receiving any consent from President Ivanov.
In their draft resolution, MEPs call on the enlargement commissioner to assess the costs of non-enlargement, including the main risks for the FYROM if the status quo is maintained.