G-19Group of 19
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Phil Zulueta is Chairman of the SAE International G-19 Committee, involved with the mitigation of counterfeit electronic parts through the collaborative development and release of international standards and the delivery of awareness presentations and courses at conferences and related venues.
Well, the other became the home for my TSD Combat Systems' G-19 slide fitted with a red dot sight.
The TSD Combat Systems' G-19 slide assembly is well made and good-looking.
NEW YORK -- Amerada Hess Corporation (NYSE: AHC) announced today that the G-19 exploration well drilled offshore Equatorial Guinea on Block G in the Rio Muni Basin has made a new oil discovery.
CTG continues to contribute to the G-19 working group for the development of SAE AS6081, the new government standard for counterfeit electronics parts avoidance protocol in Franchise and Independent distribution.
SATELLITE: < G-19 16K Digital Only Slot A < Orbital Location: 97' West < < Ku-Band < D/L 11988.
Programme Aid Partners, or the G-19 provide support to the Mozambican state budget as per the MoU signed with the Mozambican government.
Moses Primo of 3ABN said, "We've been using RRsat's satellite services for over 15 years and this G-19 coverage is just what we needed to reach free-to-air (FTA) viewers from Canada, The United States, and all the way down to Central America.
Scheduled speakers include: Phil Zulueta from Jet Propulsion Laboratory and G-19 Chairman; Debra Eggeman from IDEA; Sultan Ali Lilani from Hi-Reliability Microelectronics; Kevin Beard from NQA; Fred Schipp from Missile Defense Agency; Keith Gregory from Greenberg & Bass; Richard Halverson from the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center; Paul Elefonte from Crestwood Technology Group; Robb Hammond from American Electronic Resource; Mark Snider from ERAI and Rory King from IHS.
More recently, CTG was added to the G-19 working group for the development of SAE AS6081.