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G-30Group of 30
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Furthermore, under the G-30 proposal, the interests of the select group of member institutions might not prove to be identical with the general interests of the financial industry.
The PSA asserted that payments to DTC, subject to return to paying agents upon request even if already allocated to dealer participants and by them to their investor clients, was in conflict with the goals of the G-30 recommendations seeking to reduce or eliminate such risk.
He recently advised the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the US Treasury relating to the financial crisis, and was an expert advisor to the G-30 Financial Reform Working Group chaired by Paul A.
NASD found that some customers of these firms received below-market prices when selling their municipal bonds to the eight firms, as evidenced by the fact that the bonds were subsequently resold by other dealers -- often in same-day transactions -- at markedly higher prices, in violation of MSRB Rules G-30 and G-17.
Simple esters, such as the Loxiol G-30 series for thermal stability, low water sensitivity, and replacement of amide waxes.
The second recall involves some 186,000 1985-86 Chevrolet and GMC one-ton C-30 pickup trucks and G-30 vans.
OTCBB:AMIN), has shipped seven of its Model G-30 ODV (Omni Directional Vehicle) tractors, at an average price of $38,495, to be used as material positioning equipment at Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, Georgia.
Hammonds further stated that "the Company has recently received an order for seven of Hammonds' Model G-30 Omni Directional Vehicle (ODV) tractors for material positioning at major U.