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G-8Group of 8
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Indeed, there appears to have been no lie in that assessment, with other G-8 leaders largely welcoming Abenomics during the annual gathering, including during bilateral talks held on its fringes.
Chairman CDA, Syed Tahir Shahbaz has directed Environment Wing, Sanitation Directorate, City Sewerage Division, Enforcement Directorate, Municipal Administration, Water Supply, Engineering Wing and other concerned formations of the authority to ensure their presence in G-8 Camp Office for redressal of complaints of General Public.
A group statement from the G-8 leaders said that $20 billion from international development banks could go to Egypt and Tunisia over the next three years.
The G-8 fell far short of this goal, especially with respect to Africa.
The Accountability Report takes stock of the G-8 progress in meeting its recent development commitments.
G-8 Leaders Recognized The Importance Of Confronting Global Climate Change And Assuring Energy Security and Economic Growth Through Enhanced Cooperation On Technology.
As the G-8 prepared for its meeting in France, the campaign said it would demand that the members of the G-8 honour their earlier promises.
Various international, national, and local organizations called upon the G-8 for full cancellation of debts.
Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, who hosted the G-8 summit, invited the African leaders to attend the summit as he took up aid to Africa as one of the focuses of this year's annual summit of the G-8.
The report was released after the opening session of the two-day G-8 foreign ministerial meeting in this ski resort in western Canada.
A meeting of business leaders and energy experts from the Group of Eight (G-8) countries began Thursday in Detroit ahead of a G-8 ministerial meeting on energy issues Friday.
Government officials and industry representatives from the G-8 gathered in the French capital to discuss, for the first time, measures to fight crime committed over the Internet.