G-9Group of 9
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The Company's final reconciliation of the capital costs associated with the construction and development of the G-9 Mine have been completed.
Concentrate production at the G-9 Mine during the period was 13,362 tonnes of zinc concentrate, 1,943 tonnes of copper concentrate, and 1,143 tonnes of lead concentrate.
As a result of the deterioration of metal prices during the period and consistent with GAAP accounting practices, a valuation analysis was completed to determine whether there was a value impairment which would necessitate a write-down on the carrying cost of the G-9 mine asset.
President and CEO Dick Whittington stated "We are very pleased to have built the G-9 Mine at a cost that is very close to the original PEA estimate.
Delineation drilling at G-9 will continue to define the deposit and test for extensions to the West/Northwest, Southeast and South, as the Company seeks to add new resources in areas immediately adjacent to the mineralized zones discovered at G-9 to date.
Discovery of two zones of mineralization and the presence of multiple, or "stacked", sulphide horizons at G-9 has opened up new potential throughout the Campo Morado property.
Furthermore, the presence of two mineralized horizons at G-9 has also opened up the potential in areas already drilled for additional discoveries of massive sulphides at depth.
Margalla police s raided two places of gamblers in G-9 Markaz at Mehran plaza and arrested seventeen gamblers red handed while they also recovered Rs 36000 gambling money, 13 Mobiles, Computer and different gambling equipment from them.
In the light of his direction, ASP Margalla Sarkal Mustansar Feroze under supervision of SHO, Muhammad Hussain Lasi, Abdul Sattar sub Inspector, Mateen Chaudhary ASI, Oon Abbas head constable including police contingent cordoned off the G-9 area and nabbed seventeen gamblers.
The stream sampling program was initiated when the Company learned that the Geological Survey of Canada and the Alberta Geological Survey had recently collected one sample (95SH052) from the Caribou River which yielded a G-9 garnet and three chromites.