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G-CSFGranulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor
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US G-CSF New Entrants - Marketing Approval Status (2013) III-5
The researchers also showed they could prevent acute lung injury in a mouse model of sepsis by blocking G-CSF in mice that lacked bcl3.
Participating centres recorded their assessment of patients' FN risk, G-CSF use and FN incidence, as well as related outcomes such as chemotherapy delivery and unplanned hospitalisations.
G-CSF increased the number and activity of bone cells called osteoclasts, which destroy and remove bone material as part of the normal process of bone turnover.
Although various clinical studies confirmed the safety and feasibility of G-CSF in AMI as the authors suggested, sporadic cases of AMI were reported in cancer patients, in healthy subjects and in patients with severe coronary artery disease receiving G-CSF (5).
Our preclinical research has demonstrated that the combination of Imprime PGG and G-CSF enhances the mobilization of stem cells beyond that induced by G-CSF alone and also enhances stem cell mobilization in animals that respond poorly to G-CSF alone," said Daniel Conners, chairman of Biothera.
This study shows that our G-CSF and SCF, derived from human cells instead of the normal animal, yeast or bacterial cells, used together form a powerful combination for inducing stem cell expansion in vitro," Dr Greg Russell-Jones, Apollo's Science Director, said.
G-CSF is the generic version of Amgen's NEUPOGEN (filgrastim) product which is primarily indicated for the regulation of white blood cell production in the treatment of cancer patients with chemotherapy induced neutropenia.
Because prophylactic administration of G-CSF in all patients undergoing adjunct chemotherapy would be cost prohibitive, Dr.
However, in this national study only about one-quarter of women received G-CSF during their course of treatment--and generally not as primary prophylaxis.
On day 14 after admission, at the onset of pancytopenia, subcutaneous administration of recombinant human G-CSF (Lenograstim; Chugai Pharmaceutical Co.
The cows already make this protein - cytokine G-CSF - in skin and other body cells.