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G-CSFGranulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor
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the investigators conclude: "Treatment by G-CSF after reperfusion of infarcted myocardium could offer a pragmatic concept of potential myocardial regeneration".
This study shows that our G-CSF and SCF, derived from human cells instead of the normal animal, yeast or bacterial cells, used together form a powerful combination for inducing stem cell expansion in vitro," Dr Greg Russell-Jones, Apollo's Science Director, said.
Primary prophylaxis with G-CSF was associated with a 27% reduction in the relative risk of suboptimal chemotherapy dosing.
Cows receiving G-CSF had good appetites and gave more milk than those not receiving it.
Tbo-filgrastim is a short-acting recombinant form of G-CSF which was designed to stimulate the bone marrow to produce white bloods cells to reduce the duration of severe neutropenia in patients receiving chemotherapy associated with a clinically significant incidence of febrile neutropenia (neutropenia with fever).
G-CSF receptors are expressed in pyramidal neurons in the cortex (mainly layers II/III and V), the Purkinje cell layer of the cerebellum, the hippocampus (hilus and CA3 field), the entorhinal cortex and the olfactory bulb.
The objective of the Phase I/II study is to determine whether the combination of Imprime PGG plus G-CSF is better than G-CSF alone for enhancing the stem cell mobilization.
Beyond intracoronary infusion of autologous bone marrow mononuclear CD34+ cells (MNCCD34+), mobilization of stem cells by G-CSF has recently attracted attention because of various advantages such as the noninvasive nature of MNCCD34+ mobilization by subcutaneous injections.
Barr has responsibility for all regulatory activities and has the right to exclusively market the approved G-CSF product in the United States and Canada following final regulatory approval.
Human G-CSF is a glycoprotein which regulates the production and release of functional neutrophils from the bone marrow.
Likewise, it is unclear how much the modest decrease in pegylated interferon dosage that's avoided by G-CSF affects the SVR.
Therefore, given the lack of studies showing that use of erythropoietin and G-CSF result in improved SVR compared with dosage reduction, routine use of growth factors should be discouraged.