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G2BGovernment to Business
G2BGroom to Be
G2BGot to Bounce
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Best eService -- G2B - E-Spectrum Services for the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority.
Coveo Solutions, Inc, a provider of enterprise search solutions, unveiled on Wednesday (16 April) a limited release of Coveo G2B for Email.
Breakdown by Government Relationship G2C 531 G2G 300 G2E 342 G2B 291 Note: Table made from bar graph Status of E-government Phase 1: Info 758 Phase 2: Forms 78 Phase 3: Transact 444 Phase 4: Transform 47 Note: Table made from bar graph Categories of E-Government Initiatives Distribution within Program Areas Agriculture 3 Communities 4 Commerce 16 Defense 7 disasters, emergencies 5 education 13 energy, environment 7 families and children 5 health 6 housing 2 justice 3 money matters 14 parks and recreation 1 social security 3 transportation 4 Note: Table made from bar graph
The G2G and G2B segments are projected to account for nearly 70 percent of e-government spending in 2000, with revenue reaching $1 billion.
Summary: The Department of Economic Development, or DED, in Abu Dhabi has announced the promotion of the online services it provides in its website with regards to trade licence transactions commonly known as G2B appertaining to online renewal of trade licences and paying off violations, aiming to ease the burden on investors and businessmen, as well as to save time.
The system would hold all essential information related to the services, such as procedures, fees, number of employees involved in providing the service, expected date of delivery and whether the service is G2G, G2B or G2C, he noted.
Cotton on the G2B site is still owned by growers, while B2B cotton is in the inventory of cotton merchants and can be traded between other merchants or textile mills.
The number of on-line G2B exchanges is expected to grow rapidly in coming months and, although a fully functional and dominant trade exchange has yet to emerge for state and local government, it is likely that this more than $800 billion oppo rtunity for commodities and services will increasingly capture the attention of the marketplace.
Ebiz India's G2B Portal mission will also transform e-governance beyond online transactions to delivering services to investors and businesses.
G2B (called B2G by some) represents the application of e-commerce to government.
The NPI is the single, unique national provider identifier mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for B2B and G2B Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for such functions as claims submission, remittances, eligibility and enrollment, referrals and authorizations.
The government sector entities can compete in nine different categories, namely, Best eService including G2G, G2E, G2B, G2C and Mobile Services, Best eProject including Interoperable and collaborative, eReadiness and eContent.