G2RGuaranteed to Run (Dell computers; online user training)
G2RGenesis to Revelation
G2RGames to Remember (Georgia)
G2RGot to Run
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In peacetime mode, the Sarbe G2R would transmit the beacon's unique identity and GPS position with an accuracy of 120 metres on 406 MHz to the COSPAS/SARSAT network, which provides 'virtually instant' alerting anywhere between 70 degrees North and 70 degrees South and a response time of less than an hour in polar regions.
5 and 243 MHz services in 2009, the G2R retains these frequencies for SAR aircraft to home in on and to enable the survivor to talk to the rescue aircraft during the pick up phase.
Jeff Lewis, Owner of G2R Media, LLC, stated, "I am very excited about the launch of the G2R Media channel, which currently features over 125 hours of content covering a wide range of interesting and thought-provoking topics from some of the most authoritative and respected ministries, theologians and researchers.
The upcoming release of the G2R channel will further demonstrate the commitment DigiDev has to provide compelling programming within a wide range of content.
The selection of G2R followed a rigorous selection process where all alternative products were considered.
After a rigorous selection process, we're delighted the Royal Malaysian Air Force has chosen our SARBE G2R Personal Locator Beacon," said Kevin McGrath, CEO of Digital Angel.
Operational results continue to improve; the Bio-Thermo microchip for companion pets has been launched in the United Kingdom and will soon be launched in the United States; their SARBE G2R is the first COSPA/SARSAT-approved military search and rescue beacon for the new generation satellite system; and the company is continuing to prove its leadership position in livestock 'trace-back' technology.
He has also worked as an analyst for G2R, a market research consultancy recently acquired by the Gartner Group.
According to G2R Research in Mountain View, CA, the global BPO market in 1998 was valued at $66 billion.
G2R notes that hardware vendors are most frequently selected based on the proficiency of their professional services, the degree to which the approach is solution-oriented, and market share.