G2SGood Two Sides (plywood grade)
G2SGéophysique de Surface et de Subsurface (French: Geophysical Surface and Subsurface)
G2SGate2Shop (various locations)
G2SGeneral to Specific
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Established in 1988, G2S Toolshop is the warehouse that customers depend on for professional tools and equipment needs.
Peter DeRaedt, the association president, said 'Based on feedback we received from our members, the GSA Board of Directors decided to simplify the naming and streamline the multiple errata versions of the protocol, The G2S specification that the global gaming community has come to rely on, has not been changed - only the packaging.
Jim Morrow, VP of Advanced Development, Bally Gaming and Systems (NYSE:AGI) , who serves on the workgroup, said, "While we are not yet finished, we have reached consensus on three major issues that distinguish G2S over BOB and SuperSAS(TM).
Engineers have been working steadily over the past few months to combine the best elements of the BOB and SuperSAS protocols to create G2S, and the new combined protocol is expected to be released in April 2006 as a single industry solution.
The ASUS ESC4000 G2S servers and the AMD FirePro S9150 GPUs are an extremely powerful basis for the L-CSC cluster and they provide the compute capabilities we need for our research.
Other Bally system highlights include iVIEW Display Manager[TM] (DM) player and employee interface for the main game screen; Bally Business Intelligence[TM] data analytics, visualization, and campaign-management solution; and Bally Command Center[TM], a server-based solution that enables casino operators to view, examine, and manage their games and other G2S devices from a central location.
SGVideo(TM) uniquely supports both G2S and QCOM communication protocols and will monitor approximately 12,500 gaming machines in more than 550 locations across South Australia in real-time.
The project also involved business partners such as G2S and PayPal, as providers of the payment services.
HERMES SoftLab will be joining a long list of reputable and well known gaming companies to co-present with the GSA on G2S standards including their adoption by the industry and recent updates on manufacturers, operators and jurisdictions worldwide.
Unique in that it supports both G2S and QCOM communication protocols, the new system will monitor approximately 12,500 gaming machines in more than 550 locations throughout South Australia.
Viva works with our collaborators to advance novel drug targets from the ideas to identifying novel drug candidates to the clinics, utilizing our broad experience in drug discovery and deep expertise in G2P, G2S, GPCRs and SBDD/FBDD.
a leading international payment service provider, announced today that G2S Online Ltd.