G4GGathering for Gardner (puzzle and magic enthusiasts)
G4GGearing up for Gorillas
G4GGenes for Georgia (University of Georgia; genetics research)
G4GGrooving for God
G4GGift for Gift (Facebook)
G4GGames4Gameplay (gaming clan)
G4GGo for Growth (economics)
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Since their son's death in 2007, G4G has funded over 500k in innovative research for Ewing's Sarcoma.
We are proud to honour G4G for spearheading unique activities that encourage people from all across the Gulf to become involved in exciting events while raising funds for the needy across the world.
Typically, about two-thirds of the target goes towards the charity project while the rest covers costs such as flights, accommodation, bikes, rafts, food and water, a G4G official said during a presentation last week.
Second-time G4G challenger, Rana Said, a 48-year-old Corporate Communications Director from Lebanon, said she wanted to embark on another trip with the volunteer organisation after a fulfilling experience with them in the past.
We are taking professional gaming to a whole new level by integrating a virtual arcade, progressive jackpots and live-streaming with playback into one slick interface," says Chris Doe, G4G CEO.
Potential participants will be able to meet the team, talk to past G4G challengers, watch a G4G movie and explore kid's charity projects at the information session.
Jerry and Karen Farrell help with running the G4G meetings and that is how they and I met and became good friends.
Whether trekking through the mountains of Lebanon or to the roof of Africa, exploring the hills of Thailand, cycling through Cuba or visiting the charities we plan to help, this is sure to be an unforgettable experience for anyone who chooses to get involved" G4G is a Dubai-based regional charity, founded in 2001 under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum.
With only 9 sponsorship positions available, gamers will have to battle it out on G4G in order to hold the prestigious title of being the best at their game and being part of the G4G CyberAthlete Team.
I have been thinking about extending Forms into three or more dimensions for a few years now and have so far only inflicted my thoughts on the National Puzzlers' League and G4G participants.
G4G Co-Founder and Chairman, Brian Wilkie said the Himalayan Panorama Adventure is going to be a truly superb challenge.
Twenty people took part in the first G4G expedition to Ethiopia, discovering the simplicity of rural life.