GAECGood Agricultural and Environmental Condition (UK)
GAECGhana Atomic Energy Commission
GAECGeorgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission (Atlanta, GA)
GAECGreek Atomic Energy Commission
GAECGuizotia Abyssinica Extract-Creatinine (microbiology)
GAECGoolangullia Aboriginal Education Centre (New South Wales, Australia)
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We have spent several years developing our cellulosic feed-stock preprocessor and now we are ready to put it to work in an existing ethanol plant," noted John Shearer, President of GAEC.
Project Description : Founded in 2003, GAEC EducacEuo S.
If an inspection takes place and the land has been coded as OT2 for wild bird or game cover land, the inspector will deem it to be in production and not subject to the GAEC 12 conditions.
Concerns raised by farmers affected by the recent weather have centered around the difficulties posed by GAEC 3.
These concerns centred on the difficulties posed by GAEC 3, after which the Environment Secretary instructed the department to temporarily suspend the restrictions.
If farmers have been meeting existing standards, then they should also be conforming with GAEC 9 in cross compliance.
We have also had confirmed reports of negative rents being offered to beef farmers taking over GAEC management on behalf of owners who cannot be bothered with stock but still want to quality for SFP.
The workshops have been explaining the Statutory Management Requirements and GAEC (Good Agricultural Environmental Condition) requirements of the Single Payment Scheme in a practical manner, offering plenty of opportunity for farmers to ask questions.
GAEC 3 `Waterlogged Soil' is a prime example where farmers must not carry out mechanical operations to waterlogged soil unless the Secretary of State has made an announcement in exceptional weather conditions
Farmers receiving direct agricultural support payments from the EU are required to maintain their land in GAEC and comply with of a number of existing European laws (known as the Statutory Management Requirements).
Whether to reject, consider or improvise upon the recommendations of GAEC, I will be in position to say after February 20.