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128) "Irish Race Target in Another Vulgar Film, Finnegan's Ball," Gaelic American 3 Sept.
4) The most significant such movement in the Irish context stemmed from an Irish-language organization known as the Gaelic League, which, at its height in the first decade of the twentieth century, had a membership of up to seventy-five thousand people in Ireland and abroad.
Orlaith Curran will land in Bahrain later today as a guest of the Arabian Celts Gaelic Football Club to begin the third week of a five-week programme around the Middle East.
It's 10am to 2pm each day and youngsters will have the opportunity to be coached in different aspects of gaelic football and take part in mini blitzes.
Additionally, a new Gaelic TV service was launched in 2008, funded by the Scottish Parliament, to promote the language and, by 2009, 12 Gaelic-medium schools had been established.
Understanding how the Gaelic League advanced Irish as the foundation of cultural solidarity becomes central in understanding how this organization viewed language as a mechanism for national identity.
Northumbria University's Gaelic football teams celebrated the launch with a ceremony and Gaelic Games tournament.
The Irish government and the Gaelic Athletics Association (GAA) have invested around pounds 750,000 each year to promote the sport in Britain.
Padruig Morrison, Art Cormack and Dr Finlay MacLeod all spoke of the growth and renewed confidence in the language as they accepted awards for their contribution to Gaelic culture.
The number of questions posed by Silke Stroh in the introduction to Gaelic Scotland in the Colonial Imagination leaves the reader in no doubt of the complexity of her chosen subject: 'Can Scotland and the "Celtic fringe" be considered as English colonies?
Half an hour later, our conversation over, Faris had introduced me to a sport that I'd seen in the rest of the Middle East, but never knew existed in Oman as well: Turns out he was the CEO of Oman's Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA).
Glendale Gaelic School and Sgoil Ghidhlig Ghlaschu will use the extra 700,000 to further improve the learning environment for young people studying core subjects such as physical education, STEM and ICT, ensuring Gaelic learning provides a fully immersive experience across the curriculum.