GAERCGeneral Affairs & External Relations Council
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On its part, however, the GAERC has emphasized that it considers Libya's full integration into the Barcelona Process as an important objective of engagement, though participation in the process, and subsequent progress towards an Association Agreement, would depend on Libya's readiness to fully and unconditionally accept the Barcelona Declaration and the Barcelona acquis.
The Dutch, under strong pressure from their public opinion, have so far insisted on their veto but the French Presidency has not given up hope of seeing a breakthrough during the GAERC.
Foreign ministers will therefore try to work out a definition at the GAERC meeting, explaining the exact meaning of the title to be used for the new EU-Ukraine agreement.
Several African crises are on the agenda of the GAERC, including those in Sudan, Zimbabwe, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
After long and intense discussions during the past few days at the Coreper level, member states have found a compromise formula on the negotiating mandate that could be adopted without discussion ( A point') by the ministers during the GAERC.
The GAERC will also prepare the ground for a discussion by the heads of state and government on a new paper prepared by Javier Solana regarding the implications of climate change on international security (see separate article).
Council of the European Economic Area at margins of GAERC