GAFAGeometric and Functional Analysis (mathematical journal)
GAFAGuangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (China)
GAFAGerman-American Firefighters Association
GAFAGame and Fish Act of Ontario (Canada)
GAFAGeophysical Application and Field Assessment (Canada)
GAFAGreat Australian Freak All (polite form; slang for the Australian Outback)
GAFAGoogle AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and Extensible Markup Language) Feed API (Application Programming Interface)
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FABERNOVEL's 2015 study returns to look at GAFA as open network organizers and leaders of the Network Economy.
FABERNOVEL's report finds that GAFA and new disruptors like Uber and Netflix are mutating towards a Value Distributor model: organized by network, they identify value points and redistribute them.
Regulatory, with Brussels' triple action on operators' tariffs (roaming charges, price of SMS, call termination prices), on mergers (intra-national and intra-European, raising the question of the relevant market) and on competition (cartels, abuse of dominant position) and its indifference to the rise of GAFA.
John Williams with the GAFA penguin Code: jr251109penguins-3 Imogen Wheeler, aged 2', with The Mab Lane Plantation Penguin Pictures: JASON ROBERTS/ jr251109penguins-6 Anne Everard with SJ Penguin; and, below, Phil Keary and Carl Smythe with Emperor Penguin and Park Penguin Codes: jr251109penguins-4, above, and jr251109penguins-1, below Kieran Jackson, three, with Penguin for all seasons Code: jr251109penguins-5
At GAFA 2013 the ACCU 450, along with other product innovations from Sonneck, aroused such interest that the quantities available for delivery in 2013 are already almost sold out
In recognition of Hills' ongoing worldwide advocacy work, the Global Atrial Fibrillation Alliance recently awarded her the GAFA Patient Ambassador of the Year Award (http://www.
James Cox received the GAFA Physician Ambassador of the Year Award, for his outstanding contributions to the field of for his pioneering technique (Cox-Maze Procedure) that subsequently paved the way for several innovative percutaneous and minimally invasive treatment strategies.
Dhanunjaya (DJ) Lakkireddy, Founder of GAFA stressed the urgent need for AF education on the global front: "If AF awareness and education stands at a very nascent stage in the developed countries what can you say about developing countries?
A physician, patient advocate, hospital and organization(s) that have contributed significantly to the awareness of Atrial Fibrillation will be presented with the GAFA Ambassador of the Year Award by the Mayor on the day of the event.
Dhanunjaya (DJ) Lakkireddy, Professor of Medicine, at the University of Kansas Hospital, Kansas City is the Founding member of GAFA and currently leads the Board of Trustees, firmly believes that empowering patients and bringing all the stake holders together is the best approach to tackle AF, which has already reached an epidemic proportion.
MATT GAFA and Rikki Sheriffe each grabbed two tries as Harlequins RL moved back into the engage Super League play-off places with a hardfought victory over Hull KR.
Future campaign stops include: GAFA Garden Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany, September 5 - 7, Allegria Kongress in Hamburg, Germany, September 17 - 19 and Glee Trade Fair in Birmingham, UK, September 20, 2010.