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GAFTAGrain And Feed Trade Association
GAFTAGreater Arab Free Trade Area
GAFTAGreater Arab Free Trade Agreement
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Under the agreement customs duties were eliminated within GAFTA in 2005, but this does not apply to all goods and significant non-tariff barriers remain in place.
While GAFTA and numerous bilateral agreements between League states have, in principle, established tariff-free market access, to benefit from tariff preferences companies must prove the origin of their products.
Algeria imports from GAFTA countries more than 5,900 products, of whichmore than 4,200 currently benefit from the free trade provisions of the accord.
The value of re-exported goods to GAFTA until the end of April stood at JD127.
since incorporation) RTA type =1 for FTAs Balassa (1961), (ANDEAN, ASEAN, Nye's (1968) BAFTA, BANGKOK, descriptions CEFTA, COMESA, and each RTA's ECOTA, ECOWAS, webpage GAFTA, NAFTA, and terms of SAFTA); agreement =2 for CUs (EAEC, SACU); =3 for ECU (EU) Industry 5 dummy variables for OSIRIS effects firms' primary industry Year effects A set of 6 0-1 dum- ibid.
He said while Arab trade had grown since the GAFTA was finalised in 2005 - it was $27 billion in 2000 and is expected to reach $33.
Some GAFTA members are not yet in the WTO, further opening the door for non-tariff trade barriers.
Rather than initially targeting traditional IMF style goals such as the privatisation of communications, power and water utilities, GAFTA is currently focusing on reducing the role of the state in manufacturing.
ONICL is looking to restructure its organisation, using HGCA as a model, and the heads of their general control management division and IT centre will be talking to GAFTA, UKASTA and Euronext to gain a broader understanding of the requirements of the British i ndus ry.
detailed legal analysis of GAFTA sale contract forms and standard letter of indemnity P&I Clubs forms
Imports to non-Asian Arab countries including China and to NAFTA countries including the USA, went up while imports from GAFTA countries including Egypt and EU countries including Italy declined.
The customs duty charged by Morocco for the products manufactured by Qatari companies is zero per cent owing to the GAFTA agreement.