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GAFTAGrain And Feed Trade Association
GAFTAGreater Arab Free Trade Area
GAFTAGreater Arab Free Trade Agreement
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Customs duties will be levied on such goods upon importation into other countries (including the GCC countries and GAFTA members), depending on the customs regulations of the specific destination country.
Under the agreement customs duties were eliminated within GAFTA in 2005, but this does not apply to all goods and significant non-tariff barriers remain in place.
51) Ibid [52|--[61] (After Romak's efforts to get payment failed, in 1997, it started GAFTA arbitration.
While GAFTA and numerous bilateral agreements between League states have, in principle, established tariff-free market access, to benefit from tariff preferences companies must prove the origin of their products.
Algeria imports from GAFTA countries more than 5,900 products, of whichmore than 4,200 currently benefit from the free trade provisions of the accord.
The Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement (GAFTA) came into effect in January 2005, and customs duties were eliminated between Syria and all other members of GAFTA.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 11, 2011-Intertek announces approval as GAFTA registered analyst in Thailand(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The Kingdom's exports to GAFTA, which groups Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, Libya, Qatar, Oman, the UAE, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Morocco and the Palestinian National Authority amounted for JD783.
2) These included Saudi Arabia before its entry to GAFTA in 2005; Croatia before its entry to CEFTA in 2003; and China before its entry to the Bangkok Agreement in 2002.
The GAFTA free trade agreement has the following provisions for exporters:
Today June Arnold, Head of Policy at GAFTA, shares her views with Feedinfo News Service.
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