GAGPGrant Assistance for Grassroots Projects (Japan)
GAGPGeneralized Antisymmetrized Geminal Power
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Brochures, clipping from the Art News, November 21, 1936, in exhibition files, GAGP, AAA/SI.
Gallery correspondence and financial records, GAGP, AAA/SI.
As MEDI cooperates with the GAGP it is very difficult for their opponents to use the public corporation as a real alternative against MEDI.
Competition between MEDI and the GAGP is based on different general goals of both associations within the new system: While MEDI aims at dismantling the traditional system, the GAGP wants to save and improve the income of general practitioners.
In Bremen, in contrast, the GAGP is negotiating for a single contract with the local sickness fund on the basis of paragraph 73b without including any partner (Arzte Zeitung 10th November 2008).
In Bavaria, both MEDI and the GAGP have organized a "Korbmo-dell" to return the approval to the SHI.