GAGTGrand Am GT (Pontiac)
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Name Sequence EcoRI adaptor 5'- CTCGTAGACTGCGTACC-3' 3'- AATTGGTACGCAGTC-5' Tru91 adaptor 5'-GACGATAGTCCTGAG-3' 3'-TACTCAGGACTCAT-5' Primers used in pre-amplification EcoRI+ 1-A 5'-GACTGCGTACCAATTCA-3' Tru91 + 1-C 5'-GAT GAGT CCT GAGTAAC -3' Primers used in selective amplification EcoRI+ 3-ACA 5'-GACTGCGTACCAATTC+ACA-3' EcoRI+ 3-AAG 5'-GACTGCGTACCAATTC+AAG-3' EcoRI+3-AAC 5'-GACTGCGTACCAATTC+ATA-3' EcoRI+3-ATA 5'-GACTGCGTACCAATTC+ATA-3' EcoRI+3-AAT 5'-GACTGCGTACCAATTC+AAT-3' MseI (an isochizomer of Tru91) MseI+3-CAT 5'-GATGAGTCCTGAGTAAC+CAT -3' MseI+3-CAG 5'-GAT GAGT CCT GAGTAAC+CAG-3' MseI+3-CAA 5'-GAT GAGT CCT GAGTAAC+CAA-3' Primer pair combinations (EcoRI/ MseI).
To meet the growing demands of the hospitality sector, GAGT has employed a strong number of staff in various departments of the corporate office to manage administration and sales.
GAGT has always worked towards establishing itself as the most reliable brand, with a commitment to quality and punctual service delivery.