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GALLUPGlobal Atmospheric Launch & Leave Upper Air Platform
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firm for a malicious campaign against Gallup Korea.
In addition, the Gallup global poll showed that Philippines was also among the countries who were hopeful for 2018 and at the same time believed that the new year would bring economic prosperity.
The following list includes Gallup editors' picks for some of the most important world discoveries -- and most highly read international stories -- of the year:
Of the respondents interviewed by Gallup Pakistan, 34% said they would vote for PML-N if elections were held today, followed by PTI at 26%.
Gallup said it has found that regardless of a company's size, location or industry, the best workplaces share one trait: they have an intentional focus on engagement.
In June 2016, only 29 percent told Gallup they were satisfied with the way things are going in the United States at this time.
WPX now owns or controls approximately 100,000 acres in the core of the Gallup oil window where it has spud more than 100 wells following a successful discovery in early 2013.
Gallup research shows that worldwide, just 13 percent of employees are engaged in their jobs.
While even Gallup conceded in its own narrative that the study's findings are subject to debate, there wer a few possible reasons why female managers and their employees were more engaged than male managers and their employees.
Gallup defines talent as the natural capacity for excellence.
As significant as that report is, the most painful to the Brady Campaign, Bloomberg, Americans for Responsible Solutions and other anti-gun groups is the Gallup report: "More Than Six In 10 Americans Say Guns Make Homes Safer.
Gallup said it measured negative emotions by asking people whether they experienced a lot of anger, stress, sadness, physical pain or worry the previous day.