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GALTGut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue
GALTGalactose-1-Phosphate Uridyltransferase (blood test)
GALTGreyhound Adoption League of Texas, Inc. (Addison, TX)
GALTGroup Assessment of Logical Thinking (cognitive development)
GALTGastrointestinal Associated Lymphoid Tissue
GALTGut-Associated Lymphoreticular Tissue (gastrointestinal medicine)
GALTGalileo Technology, Inc.
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NCH and Straightline were owned and operated by the same individual, Matthew Galt ("Galt").
The Galt VTI is a tearaway introducer which includes an ergonomic, low-profile, patent-pending integrated valve.
McLaughlin does not discuss the political context within which the Galt waterworks developed.
Instead of having to re-image all desktops and laptops, VERDE allows Galt to create, test and deploy a virtual desktop with Windows 7 in minutes.
John Galt Solutions is a long-time sponsor and partner of IBF.
Livingston Sheriff Court was told Galt has been in custody since January 30 when he was charged.
Samples from these patients were examined for any residual GALT activity by the LC-MS/MS assay.
Boart Longyear is in a great place to really capitalize on what Atlas Planning Suite can do for them," said Anne Omrod, President & CEO of John Galt Solutions.
However, Mike Galt, talent manager at Live Nation, has revealed that one big-name band in particularly are wary of gigging in the Gulf because of their perceptions of the Arab world.
features a shadowy figure revealing himself as the mysterious John Galt.
Now, Russell has switched genres and here he shares his new fictional world - under the pseudonym Christopher Galt.
OTCBB: TKOI) said that the prestigious Galt House Hotel, located in Louisville, Kentucky will install, integrate and network the EcoSmart energy management platform throughout its entire collection of 1,290 guest rooms.