GAMIGeneral Aviation Modifications, Inc. (Ada, OK)
GAMIGet A Man In
GAMIGeorgia Alliance for the Mentally Ill (now National Alliance on Mentally Illness Georgia)
GAMIGuilty And Mentally Ill
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In December 1996, GAMI, a company constituted under the laws of the United States, acquired shares in GAM, and by successive purchases got 14.
They also recommended that the flight to be analyzed not just be a routine cross country, but a test flight made according to the protocol on the website--essentially a GAMI lean test at less than 65 percent power and a lean of peak mag check to check the ignition system when it's under the most stress.
GAMI has shown that abnormal glucose regulation early after an MI is a useful marker for high-risk patients.
However, research performed on a Cessna Skymaster and, more recently by GAMI, produced the not surprising information that the turbo is the coolest it is going to get just after touchdown on land-ing--unless there's been a high-power approach and chopped throttle.
However, work by Swift Fuels, GAMI and others has demonstrated that tweaking the av-gas specification to allow the slightly heavier distillation and specific gravity required to include C8 and C9 aromatics has no discernible adverse effect on engines or performance.
So the UAT-ARC's proposal is, in a sense, counter competitive because it strongly discourages small companies like Swift and GAMI from continuing to invest.
But GAMI was persistent and it published detailed engine operational data which helped sell the product to a pilot community accustomed to "trust-us, it-works" marketing.
As GAMI confirms, the market is tilted toward Continental engines and more toward the larger displacement 0-520/0-550 engines.
If fast-track developers like Swift and GAMI can jump through the FAA's certification hoops as fast as they are allowed to, they could have certified fuels in under five years.