GAPCGlobal Alternative Propulsion Center
GAPCGeographic Areas of Particular Concern (various locations)
GAPCGeneral Assembly Production Centre (Canada)
GAPCGlobal AIDS Policy Coalition (est. 1991; François-Xavier Bagnoud International)
GAPCGeneral Assembly Planning Committee (Unitarian Universalist Association)
GAPCGrand Avenue Presbyterian Church (Sherman, TX)
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The GAPC offers a guaranteed $150,000 in cash payouts for the week of poker events, all while offering affordable buy-ins in the $50-$120 range.
The event offers GAPC ticket holders 14 tournaments, including a $50,000 National Championship event only available to players that qualified through World Tavern Poker and Eastern Poker Tour.
In addition to the poker tournaments, the GAPC will feature several parties, including a 1980s Rock Karaoke party and celebrations at Vegas hot spots Blondies and The London Club.
Although Murray and Lopez and GAPC both project a vanishing AIDS death rate in EECA through the year 2020 (figure 1.
The physicists, chemists, process engineers and electronics experts at the three GAPC centers intend to develop a fuel-cell-powered vehicle to market readiness by 2004.