GAPTGreat Arizona Puppet Theater (Phoenix, AZ)
GAPTGlobal Advanced Packaging Technology (Shanghai, China)
GAPTGrandview Avenue Physical Therapy (Columbus, OH)
GAPTGreen Auto Power Train (Ontario Ministry of Research; Canada)
GAPTGeorgia Association for Pupil Transportation (Clayton County, GA)
GAPTGeorgia Association for Play Therapy
GAPTGeneralized Atomic Polar Tensor
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Packman and Bratton (2003) emphasized a primary benefit of humanistic processes within a GAPT format as providing preadolescents a microcosm in which to experience self and others in genuine interactions that foster self-understanding.
Of the few well-designed, controlled studies targeting preadolescents, group play approaches similar to GAPT demonstrated statistically significant beneficial outcomes and moderate to large treatment effects (Flahive & Ray, 2007; Packman & Bratton, 2003; Shen, 2002, 2007; Shen & Armstrong, 2008).
GE Plastics' GApT organization is a key part of the company's carefully crafted business strategy to strengthen its position as a leading global provider of hands-on technical, design, and testing services to support customer growth.
To further support each critical phase of the customer innovation process, GApT offers a broad range of additional services.