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GARAGeneral Aviation Revitalization Act
GARAGive A Rat's Ass
GARAGlasgow Anti-Racist Alliance (Scotland, UK)
GARAGlobus Architecture for Reservation and Allocation
GARAGroupe Alésien de Recherches Archéologiques (French: Alès Archaeological Research Group; Ales, France)
GARAGreensboro Amateur Radio Association (Greensboro, NC)
GARAGreenhouse Action in Regional Australia (New South Wales, Australia)
GARAGroupe Alpine Rhône-Alpes (French automobile club; Rhone-Alpes, France)
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Gara revealed that two titles which will define what next generation gaming will look in its mature phase will be Watch Dogs and Destiny.
Eta, who have not launched a major attack in months, egularly use Gara to announce impending attacks.
MoMA has 12 different revenue lines, such as admissions, investment returns, membership, annual giving, retail and food services, Gara said.
1989; Elias, Gara, & Ubriaco, 1985; Harter, 1981; Simmons & Blyth, 1987).
Over 25 years Gara photographed all the great conductors and soloists who appeared with the NBC Symphony.
The manufacturer argued that the action was barred by GARA.
3) For the purposes of GARA, general aviation includes aircraft that have been issued an airworthiness certificate by the FAA, at the time of receiving this certificate had a maximum capacity of less than twenty passengers, and at the time of the accident was not engaged in scheduled passenger carrying operations.
HAMILTON, Bermuda -- The Atlantic Philanthropies announced today that Gara LaMarche, a seasoned human rights advocate, philanthropic leader and foundation executive, has been appointed as the organisation's new President and Chief Executive Officer, and elected to its Board, effective as of April 2007.
A gala concert dedicated to the 100th anniversary of great Azerbaijani composer Gara Garayev,has been organized in Vilnius,Lithuania.
Similarly, the power Supply would remain shut from 66 KV ThemarGara Grid Station on September 22 and 26 from 9 AM to 2 PM thus causing inconvenience for consumers of 33 KV Themar Gara grid.