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GARBGrissom Air Reserve Base
GARBGeneral Airport Revenue Bond
GARBGeneral Association of Regular Baptists
GARBGroupe des Aphasiques de la Région de Bordeaux (French: Bordeaux Region Aphasic Group; Bordeaux, France)
GARBGarment and Allied Industries Requirements Board
GARBGuided Antiradiation Bomb
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That stately form, combining the leader and the saint, so gray, so dimly seen, in such an ancient garb, could only belong to some old champion of the righteous cause, whom the oppressor's drum had summoned from his grave.
Yes, fair son, but not so far as to bar you from the garb you now wear or the life which you must now lead.
Sabin quietly but faultlessly attired in the usual evening dinner garb, Mr.
Then, as Little John gathered his breath for a new verse, "How, now," roared forth the fat Brother, his voice coming from him like loud thunder from a little cloud, "thou naughty fellow, is this a fit place for one in thy garb to tipple and sing profane songs?
Methinks it is more disgrace for one of our garb to wring hard-earned farthings out of the gripe of poor lean peasants.
Although, by a seemingly careless arrangement of his heterogeneous garb, he had endeavoured to conceal or abate the peculiarity, it was sufficiently evident to Hester Prynne that one of this man's shoulders rose higher than the other.
17 November 2017 - US-based athletic apparel and team uniforms manufacturer Badger Sportswear has purchased custom-tailored sports uniforms manufacturing boutique Garb Athletics, the company said.
I don't even have a prayer garb,' she said as she put on an improvised prayer garb fashioned out of a duster.
For some reason I tend to gravitate to these really dangerous spiders like the black widow," says Garb.
The game literally has a time limit, and can switch dress spheres - or this time around, known as garbs.
All inmates were being taken to Al Garb police station for interrogation on various cases.
The book's division is a bit stark, and a conclusion tying the two sections together might illustrate that the two conceptions of women overlapped, often within a single artist's body of work (as Garb does illustrate with the inclusion of Degas' highly individuated portrait of artist Mary Cassatt in the second section).