GASACGovernmental Accounting Standards Advisory Council (Governmental Accounting Standards Board)
GASACGasterosteus Aculeatus (Three-spined stickleback)
GASACGenetic Algorithm SAmple Consensus
GASACGeneral and Special Accreditation Committee (Philadelphia University)
GASACGruppo Archeologico Sperimentale Arte Celtica (Italy)
GASACGas Safety Action Council
GASACGas Appliance Safety Advisory Committee (New Zealand)
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The prospectus is reviewed by the GASAC and a final recommendation is made to the Board.
At that time, a project prospectus will be prepared for discussion by the GASAC and ultimately the Board.
this committee has conducted extensive interviews about the functioning of the GASB and GASAC, their relationship to the FASB and FASAC, and to a lesser extent about the processes of the FASB.
The relationship between the FAF and the GASB also will be enhanced by a decision that the FAF and GASAC should be more active in raising funds for the GASB.
A week later, the FAF president and the GASAC chairman announced a new proposal that was to settle the issue.
The Review Committee has sought information on the attitudes of various constituencies toward the GASB and GASAC and toward the current standard-setting structure and process.