GASFGreat American Station Foundation
GASFGraphic Arts Sales Foundation
GASFGeorgia Archaeological Site File (University of Georgia; Athens, GA)
GASFGreat American Sports Fans
GASFGump and Ayers Scholarship Fund (single mothers)
GASFGumptionFest Artistic Support Foundation (Sedona, AZ)
GASFGadolinium-Associated Systemic Fibrosis
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The new GASF is the first smartphone forensic certification that focuses on analysis and not just tool acquisition provided by commercial vendors.
In keeping with the community service mission of GASF, a portion of the proceeds will go towards education efforts in Ghana.
For more information about GASF or the 50th Independence Anniversary Gala, please contact Victor Owusu at 954-888-7154 or John Akiti at 954-261-5341.