GASFGreat American Station Foundation
GASFGraphic Arts Sales Foundation
GASFGeorgia Archaeological Site File (University of Georgia; Athens, GA)
GASFGreat American Sports Fans
GASFGump and Ayers Scholarship Fund (single mothers)
GASFGumptionFest Artistic Support Foundation (Sedona, AZ)
GASFGadolinium-Associated Systemic Fibrosis
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Ticket prices are $40 per adult/$20 per child and can be purchased by contacting GASF at 954-261-5341 or via ghanaflorida@gmail.
In keeping with the community service mission of GASF, a portion of the proceeds will go towards education efforts in Ghana.
For more information about GASF or the 50th Independence Anniversary Gala, please contact Victor Owusu at 954-888-7154 or John Akiti at 954-261-5341.