GASHAGuysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority (Canada)
GASHAGolden American Saddlebred Horse Association
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This study received data access approval from the Joint Data Access Committee of the Reproductive Care Program as well as the research ethic boards for the IWK Health Centre, McGill University, University of PEI, CBDHA, and GASHA.
Of all women residing in CBDHA or GASHA who gave birth to a live singleton infant between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2009, there were 1,500 women who initiated breastfeeding and were breastfeeding at discharge from hospital, and 1,207 women who stopped breastfeeding completely before their infant reached six months of age.
According to this study, the Orthodox Church and the Haile Selassie I Foundation, which used to own about sixteen and ten gashas of land respectively, were institutions upon which the Emperor had conferred land rights in Wondo Ganat (Zerihun 1999: 29).