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Some obligatory orientation: The Gaspe (gas-PAY) Peninsula is an extension of Quebec province roughly the size of Belgium that's bordered on the north by the St.
Une fois installee au cegep de Gaspe, elle est mobilisee par les activites syndicales et devient rapidement vice-presidente puis presidente du Conseil syndical regional (CSN).
Quebec's French Language Office ordered the health center in Gaspe to remove any English signs giving directions within the hospital, saying the signs were in violation of a regional law regarding bilingualism.
8) While Ommer observes that this political change had no lasting effect on CRC operations in the Gaspe, primarily because the treaty was abrogated in 1866, she does indicate that the level of debt increased during this period.
Wayne was an avid fly fisherman and outdoorsman, pursuing his passion from the shores of Harker's Island, NC, to the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec.
We end with a story by Anita Lahey of how a Quebec company's painstakingly-perfected process for extracting alumina from clay stands to transform an industry and boost the economy of the impoverished Gaspe region.
com)-- Further to the Company's news release of October 22, 2012 the Company is pleased to announce that it is proceeding with the Gaspe copper project.
The bulk of leases are located on the Gaspe Peninsula and Anticosti Island.
Captain John Simcoe of HMSPembroke was a major influence on Cook, especially during late 17581759 when Cook was surveying, and then over the winter, drawing, his first known chart--that of Gaspe Bay near the mouth of the St Lawrence River.
Arabliere Escuminac is launching its organic yellow birch syrup from Baie des Chaleurs in Quebec's Gaspe forest.
25 hectares, and located 32 km northeast of Murdochville in the Gaspe, has resumed mineral exploration on its Grande- Vallee property.