GATBGeneral Aptitude Test Battery
GATBGillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade
GATBGlobal Alliance for Tuberculosis Drug Development
GATBGraphical Articulated Total Body (3-D computer model)
GATBguidance, apportionment, and targeting board (US DoD)
GATBGeneral Avionics Test-Bed
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The President also directed the GATB to work in close concert with the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, which established a new benchmark for how we should collect, display, and oversee federal spending data under the Recovery Act through Recovery.
GATB is an HVE (human-vehicle-environment) compatible computer program.
The GATB program may be purchased for $7,500, but there is a discount for owners of the EDHIS software program.
Similarly, a review by industrial psychologists John Hunter and Frank Schmidt of many studies of the GATB showed that the test effectively predicts job performance, as measured by independent criteria such as supervisor ratings or on-the-job evaluations.
Continental's GATB affiliate obtained a technical assistance contract with the Indonesian state oil company for the purposes of delineating and commercially exploiting the entire field and restoring it to production.
The NAS was commissioned by the Department of Labor to evaluate the United States Employment Services (USES) combining validity generalization and the GATB for equal treatment of special populations.
Even in the best of circumstance, very few data exist to answer these questions empirically; for the GATB, the research base is meager when it exists at all.
Continental's shares of GATB, the TAC and the Bangkudulis oilfield are hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Bangkudulis Property.
It is vital that we make the GATB as good a predictor and placement tool as possible," said U.
Pursuant to the April 9, 2001 share purchase and transfer agreement, the Company owes the seller of the GATB shares, Dimensions West Energy, Inc.
Two GATB variables, General Learning Ability (GATB - G) and Motor Coordination (GATB - K), were found to be highly correlated to the discriminant function (r's = .
4 million) with regard to GATB, the TAC and the field development project, retroactive to an effective date of 1 June 2000 and 4) agree to provide the seller a 10 percent net profits interest in Continental's 70 percent share of Bangkudulis Field production profits for the life of the field.