GATCGuanine, Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine (nucleotides that make up DNA)
GATCGeorgia Appalachian Trail Club
GATCGoogle Analytics Tracking Code (Google)
GATCGenesis at the Crossroads
GATCGenotype-specific Approaches to Therapy in Childhood
GATCGenetic Analysis Technology Consortium
GATCGruppo Archeologico del Territorio Cerite
GATCGetting Ahead of the Curve (publication; UK)
GATCGirls and the City
GATCGovernors and Administrators Training Conference (Circle K International)
GATCGabinetes de Asistencia Técnica al Comercio (Spanish: Recruitment of Technical Assistance to Trade)
GATCGeorgia Aviation Technical College
GATCGreater Austin Transportation Company
GATCGrupo de Astrofísica e Cosmologia
GATCGenome Analysis and Technology Core
GATCGerman American Trade Council, Inc.
GATCGeneral Agreement on Terms and Conditions
GATCGreat Adirondack Tool Co.
GATCGrupo de Arquitectura y Tecnología de Computadores
GATCGorsich Advanced Technology Center
GATCGreat Aycliffe Town Council (UK)
GATCGeriatric Assessment and Treatment Centre (New Westminster, BC, Canada)
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In Europe, sequencing data is planned to be provided by GATC Biotech; and in the United States, MolecularHealth intends to run its own CLIA-certified sequencing lab.
GATC Biotech, a family-owned business, is Europe's leading service provider of DNA and RNA sequencing.
LifeCodexx is a subsidiary of GATC Biotech, Europe's leading provider of DNA sequencing services.
The size difference of a minimum of 6 bases between the primers was created by adding tail sequences of poly A or GATC to the 5' end of the primers.
A pair of helical candles, superfluously hooked up to electrical cable, is studded with the GATC insignia of DNA; the work's title claims that the letters are phrased as the sequence specifically for depression, anxiety, addiction, anger, and panic, in denial of the candles' role as sources of light and life.
55 million - mainly funded by national agencies - is awarded to the KLEBSICURE consortium with Arsanis as consortium leader, and GATC GmbH (Constance, Germany), the Max Planck Institute for Infectious Biology (Berlin, Germany) and the Ludwik Hirszfeld Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy (Wroclaw, Poland) as consortium members.
We are looking forward to working with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy to welcome Ellijay as the newest addition to the Appalachian Trail Community[TM] program in Georgia,” said Shelley Rose, President of the GATC.
San Diego, CA, USA) at GATC Biotech AG (Konstanz, Germany).
In brief, megacloning is accomplished by converting mRNA to cDNA; digesting the cDNA with the restriction enzyme, DpnII, which leaves a single-stranded GATC overhang; purifying the 3'-ends of the digested cDNA fragments; and then ligating the cDNA fragments into vectors, in which each fragment becomes associated, at its 3'-poly(A)-end, with a unique 32-bp tag and is flanked by universal PCR primers.
Sequencing reactions were performed by GATC Biotech.
GATC manufactures a full range of miniature trains and accessories, including locomotives, riding cars, rolling stock, signals, signs and lights, pre-assembled track sections and more.