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A number of board members wanted more information on GATS before making a decision.
The existing GATS regime of the WTO, initially established in 1994, is already comprehensive and far reaching.
For service providers, the GATS provides reliability and predictability of market conditions.
iii) Where master distribution involves wholesale or retail services, Article X:2 of the Catalogue of Prohibited Foreign Investment Industries of the Catalogue, in conjunction with Articles 3 and 4 of the Foreign Investment Regulation, is inconsistent with China's national treatment commitments under Article XVII of the GATS.
The GATS includes the regulation of a number of different services, especially including trade in legal services for cross-border transactions of WTO member countries.
Disturbingly, the federal government, whose Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade is negotiating Canada's role in GATS, may not be sufficiently wary of those derails.
The only way to be safe is to opt out of GATS altogether.
Despite the launch of the GATS negotiations in early 2000, many service sectors in developing countries are poorly placed to provide inputs to the process--although studies project that they stand to gain most from liberalization.
This is why the leaders of the EU must stand up and deliver an unequivocal message that GATS must succeed, not just for the benefit of European firms but also for the good of the poor of the world.
This GATS agreement promoted by our go vernment will bring these people to the brink.