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GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GATTGeneric Attribute Profile (Bluetooth)
GATTGeneral Agreement on Trades and Tariffs (World Trade Organization)
GATTGate Assisted Turnoff Thyristor
GATTGraphics Address Translation Table
GATTGene Amplification with Transcription/Translation (nucleic acids research)
GATTGhana Association of Travel and Tourist Agents (Ghana)
GATTGovernment Acceptance Test Team
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3) Canada--Automotives: This case witnessed the allegations of the Canadian Car policy as being violative of, inter alia, Articles I:1, III:4 and XXIV of GATT 1994 and Article 2 of the TRIMs Agreement.
Understanding the impact of GATT on lump sum distributions and working closely with a qualified TPA to monitor your clients' retirement plans will help to ensure that their plans for retirement are met.
periods: (i) the original creation of GATT in 1947 ("The Politics
Devido ao fato de ter sido finalizado com status de documento preliminar, a ser posteriormente integrado a carta da ITO--sendo que algumas materias seriam tratadas somente por esta ultima -, as disposicoes do GATT eram de certa maneira limitadas (7).
The GATT and the ITO Charter would be negotiated on separate institutional tracks.
Many consecutive general or multilateral agreements signed by GATT members necessitated a simple and clear solution through interpretative note to annex A-1 of Morocco Agreement 1994 (Founding Document of the World Trade Organization).
Moreover, the GATT affirms that nothing in it "shall preclude the use by a contracting party of exchange controls or exchange restrictions in accordance with the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund".
In each instance where a GATT exception defense was put forth, the Panel found that China could not meet the burden of proving its applicability.
At the end of the GATT Tokyo Round in 1979, developing countries
First, GATT traditionally operates by "consensus," so that a decision during the review process to the effect that a PTA fails to conform with the GATT would require the members of the PTA to agree with that finding
With respect to CKD and SKD kits: Policy Order 8, Decree 125 and Announcement 4 are not inconsistent with Article II:1(b) of the GATT 1994; and (ii) Policy Order 8, Decree 125 and Announcement 4 are inconsistent with China's commitment under [section] 93 of China's Working Party Report, which is an integral part of the WTO Agreement.
Do Palacio dos Arcos para a Esplanada: o processo decisorio da participacao brasileira no GATT.