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GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GATTGeneral Agreement on Trades and Tariffs (World Trade Organization)
GATTGraphics Address Translation Table
GATTGene Amplification with Transcription/Translation (nucleic acids research)
GATTGhana Association of Travel and Tourist Agents (Ghana)
GATTGovernment Acceptance Test Team
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The GATT and the ITO Charter would be negotiated on separate institutional tracks.
Many consecutive general or multilateral agreements signed by GATT members necessitated a simple and clear solution through interpretative note to annex A-1 of Morocco Agreement 1994 (Founding Document of the World Trade Organization).
Moreover, the GATT affirms that nothing in it "shall preclude the use by a contracting party of exchange controls or exchange restrictions in accordance with the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund".
In each instance where a GATT exception defense was put forth, the Panel found that China could not meet the burden of proving its applicability.
At the end of the GATT Tokyo Round in 1979, developing countries
Maruyama reviews the legal foundation for PTAs and the history of GATT oversight, and laments the proliferation of what he terms "low quality" PTAs.
B) upheld the Panel' s Ending that with respect to imported auto parts in general, the measures at issue are inconsistent with Article III:2, first sentence, of the GATT 1994 in that they subject imported auto parts to an internal charge that is not applied to like domestic auto parts;
The international framework for world trade: Brazilian proposals for GATT reform (Lectures in Commercial Diplomacy No.
The FIRA controversy and subsequent Panel Report bringing TRIMs to the fore of GATT negotiations exposed the need for clarifying GATT's relationship with investment measures (Shenkin, 1994) relying upon which, the United States advocated (Civello, 1999) that TRIMs should be included within the scope of the proposed negotiations.
These clients may hit the new GATT limit before normal retirement age and will need to plan accordingly.
transformation from GATT to WTO as a bidirectional interaction between