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Gawk offers a suite of cloud communications, cloud connectivity, cloud computing, and managed cloud-based applications solutions to small, medium, and large businesses; and offers domestic and international voice services to communications carriers worldwide.
Brown said this about GAWK Talent's new model and his daughter.
Or do people just fancy a gawk at the lump of wood one or two loopers reckon they can see the mother of Jesus in?
Lonesome George's lack of gregariousness extends across species: He has shown next to no interest in other tortoises, and retreats to the far reaches of his enclosure when tourists" and other strangers come to gawk.
Now that I'm home, I want to tell my friends how silly guys look when they gawk at me.
Rhythm and Motion Dance Center took their "Fusion Rhythms" class to the street with the help of a boom box, making traffic slow down and construction workers gawk.
They're randomly collected tidbits that are worth a gawk or two, basically good for a couple shitters and chuckle.
This concise handbook lists the syntax and options available for hundreds of Linux operating system commands, and reviews network administration, boot methods, package managers, shells, editors, and the gawk programming language.
95) appears in its updated fifth edition covering virtually anything a Linux programmer would need, from basic programming and network commands to quick references for bash, ksh, gawk and more, package management, bootloaders, and command-line utilities.
Passersby gawk as Andrea Fraser, prompted by an Acoustiguide tour, rubs her body provocatively against Frank Gehry's Bilbao Guggenheim interior in Little Frank and His Carp, 2001.