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GAWPGeorgia Association of Water Professionals
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And for another 10 per cent of the drive they gawp at scenery, shop windows, hoardings and pedestrians.
Seacombe landing stage crew gawp as Germany's giant airship Hindenburg motors majestically over Merseyside while flying between New York and Berlin, on Friday June 26, 1936.
45pm Prepare to gawp at some truly spectacular hats and extravagant outfits at one of the sporting calendar's most glamorous social fixtures - yes, it's Ladies' Day.
Who were only there to gawp at celebrity fruit and veg man Gregg .
If we want to laugh and gawp at people making fools of themselves as entertainment we watch a programme called You've Been Framed.
Dressed up like an educational documentary, in reality, this is little more than stop and gawp voyeurism, like the kind of 'freak show' long since banned from travelling with the circus.
Until after the second race, people gawp discreetly.
To clear away all the sleeping bags owned by morons polluting London's pavements just to get a five-second gawp at a gloved hand waving at them from a barge.
Depressingly, Ch 4 have been doing the same with their Bodyshock series, putting a sympathetic voiceover on footage that makes folk stop and gawp.
This week saw Britain's Rich List hit ITV1 - the televised version of the Sunday Times list, just with the opportunity to gawp at the nominees' lavish lives.
What good would it do apart from amazing the tourists who gawp at it?
The original concept was appalling enough - a modern day freak show that gives egomaniacs the chance to show off and viewers the chance to gawp.