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GAYGood As You (British)
GAYGorgeous and Young
GAYGreat American Youth (web documentary series)
GAYGreen And Yellow
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Should the grizzly saints establish their jurisdiction over the gay sinners, then would their spirits darken all the clime, and make it a land of clouded visages, of hard toil, of sermon and psalm forever.
The ring of gay masquers was disordered and broken; the stag lowered his antlers in dismay; the wolf grew weaker than a lamb; the bells of the morris-dancers tinkled with tremulous affright.
What a pity that such men as he, that have no thought but to go abroad in gay clothes, should have good fellows, whose shoes they are not fit to tie, dancing at their bidding.
But thou must change thy name, for warrants will be out presently against thee; so, because of thy gay clothes, thou shalt henceforth and for aye be called Will Scarlet.
But, in spite of these things, it was a gay and magnificent revel.
And the life of the ebony clock went out with that of the last of the gay.
Accustomed as I was to seeing him gay and, indeed, often too gay, I would many times find him plunged in the deepest melancholy.
If a destinations progress on gay fights is any indication, gay-friendliness made significant strides around the world in 2006, setting the stage for bumper crops of gay and lesbian tourists in 2007.
Bower's book, notes Robinson, has as its central premise that the gay movement has been hijacked by gay radicals and it has embraced alliance politics--those who believe that the oppression of gays is linked to the oppression of other groups, namely women, trans folks, and people of color communities.
With more than $75 million from North American box-office receipts and counting, ``Brokeback'' is far and away the biggest moneymaker of this year's gay Oscar nominees.
From a civil libertarian perspective, it's clear enough why the unequal treatment of gay parents is objectionable: The human desire for family isn't exclusive to heterosexuals, and attempts to prevent gays from raising families both stigmatize them and threaten to deprive them of an important component of a full life.
In addition to its gay and lesbian film library, Here