GB-GRAMGround-Based GPS Receiver Application Module
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SAASM GB-GRAM PPS Receiver with RAIM - Compliant with DoD mandate to use GPS SAASM Precise Positioning Service (PPS) receivers
The GB-GRAM GPS Receiver is integrated into Symmetricom's XLi SAASM, an ultra precision time and frequency instrument.
Now, with this lightweight, third-generation GPS Precise Positioning Service (PPS) 12-channel receiver integrated into the XLi SAASM, we continue to meet the Government's requirements by delivering a security approved GB-GRAM compliant SAASM GPS instrument for the military.
Government's GB-GRAM program fulfills a GPS Wing initiative to migrate to a defined, open system architecture for ground-based embedded military applications, incorporates the SAASM security device and is a low-power, secure and jam resistant standardized GPS solution used in communications and weapons platforms across the military.
The XLi SAASM's GB-GRAM GPS Receiver is a Small Serial Interface (SSI) form factor, lightweight, third-generation GPS PPS, 12-channel receiver supporting Direct Y and Black keys.