GBCAGreen Building Council of Australia
GBCAGadolinium-Based Contrast Agent
GBCAGeneral Building Contractors Association
GBCAGreater Baltimore Cultural Alliance (Maryland)
GBCAGalveston Bay Cruising Association
GBCAGreater Boston Concierge Association
GBCAGrassland Bird Conservation Area
GBCAGrizzly Bear Conservation Area
GBCAGraphics-Based Control Architecture
GBCAGreater Boston Cable Advertising
GBCAGranite Bay Community Association (Granite Bay, CA)
GBCAGerman Brown Coal Association
GBCAGreat Band of Christmas Aid
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Of the two types of gadolinium, linear and macrocyclic, the PRAC-EMA recommended the former type no longer be marketed as it was associated with greater retention of the GBCA (FDA, 2017).
Patients were excluded from CM injection in case of history of hypersensitivity reaction to a GBCA and when glomerular filtration rate (GFR) was lower than 30 mL/min/1.
More than 300 cases of NSF in patients with severe chronic renal insufficiency, acute renal failure or in those undergoing dialysis have been reported in peer-reviewed literature, with an overwhelming majority occurring within weeks to months after injection of a GBCA.
Like BREEAM, the scheme has remained a voluntary one from a regulatory perspective, however according to the GBCA, Green Star has transformed Australia's property and construction market with more than 4 million sq m of commercial space across the country now certified (four to six stars) and a further 8 million sq ft registered (less than four stars).
Some, such as GBCA (Ghana), have very detailed menus specifying target audience, content and duration as highlighted in the call-out box.
Physicians should consider having hemodialysis patients undergo the procedure promptly after a GBCA is administered, according to the FDA.
Instead, the construction industry proposes to provide modest relief from the absolute liability provisions of 240/241, according to the GBCA.
9) Recent FDA warnings on the use of gadolinium based contrast agents recommends the avoidance of GBCA in patients suspected or known to have impaired drug elimination, unless the imaging is essential and not available without contrast.
0 molar GBCA in patients referred for contrast-enhanced MRI of the central nervous system (CNS)".
In Ghana, the GBCA was selected in 2007 to sit on the board of the Ghana country coordinating mechanism of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
The GBCA certified 304 projects in 2017, taking the grand total of Green Star projects certified since the rating system was launched in 2003 to 1,721.