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This is why the Greyhound Trust have committed our expertise and experience to work with the GBGB on two key welfare projects: a behavioural assessment project and an injury recovery scheme, which will maximise the opportunities for greyhounds to transition to a family pet.
I would like to confirm that GBGB is here to offer advice and has funding available to ensure that no greyhounds are put at risk as a result of the closure and we will work with the Retired Greyhound Trust and other responsible rehoming organisations to that end.
We are disappointed, but, sadly, not surprised, that the GBGB did not proceed against him in connection with these other very serious matters.
Harnden said: "Paul Ephremsen [owners' rep] and myself campaigned quite vociferously, and are grateful for the public support from such as Steve Anderson and Pat Curtin, that the role of track inspector should be carried out by a wholly independent body or person who should report directly to the GBGB.
In the lead-up to Christmas, which can be a tough time financially for everyone, news like this, on top of initiatives like the GBGB Xmas Bonus, is especially welcome.
He was found in breach of rules 152(i) & (ii), 174(xi), 212 and 217 for failing to comply with improvement notices issued to him by the GBGB and to ensure the welfare of greyhounds in his care.
Wileman, who was not present at the GBGB disciplinary committee inquiry, was found in breach of 152(i) & (ii) and 174(xii)(a) of the GBGB's rules of racing, in that he trespassed on to the track during a race meeting held at Sheffield on April 5 last year and handcuffed himself to the fencing adjacent to the outside running rail.
Last year the GBGB issued guidance following a protest at Manchester Airport where 24 greyhounds were said to be in transit from Ireland to Macau and Simon Banks, GBGB media and communications officer, said yesterday: "The GBGB reiterates its previously issued guidance that the wellbeing of greyhounds is at the core of GBGB's conviction to provide robust regulation for licensed greyhound racing and ensuring the highest standards of care for all greyhounds that fall within its responsibility.
When I went on the GBGB website and inquired about having an apprenticeship at the kennel, continuing the career I'm passionate about, I was disheartened when I got told that the GBGB does not provide apprenticeship schemes for 17-year-olds like me who love working with greyhounds.
My team at the GBGB have shown admirable commitment during my tenure to ensure that the services provided by them for the benefit of the sport never diminished.
Ephremsen secured 764 votes compared with 630 for Bob Boswell from the total of 1,394 cast and said: "I'm delighted to have won the owners' vote for practitioner director and hope I can make a positive contribution to the GBGB board in the coming months.
pen at B "That didn't happ Kinsley, the GBGB have acknowl-edged that didn't happen at Kinsley, but Mark Bird (director of regulation) has said it doesn't mean the disqualification can be overturned and all he can do is get in touch with Kinsley.