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GC-MSGas Chromatograph(y) - Mass Spectrometry
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The power of the multi-award winning Orbitrap GC-MS technology has facilitated numerous scientific advances and enabled our customers to break new ground and gain a deeper understanding of samples through the use of HRAM technology," said Fausto Pigozzo, director of marketing, GC GC-MS, Thermo Fisher.
Key Words: Spirogyra link, Amines, Alcohols, n-hexane fraction, GC-MS analysis.
In the following, the consumption and migration of stabilizers of 2K-parts of PP with TPE were analyzed with pyrolysis GC-MS.
GC-MS is considered to be a very useful technique to provide information about the possible chemical groups in materials, especially for the volatile compounds (Kaur et al.
Now, we are unlocking the power of Orbitrap technology for gas chromatography, providing GC-MS users with high resolving power and mass accuracy to deliver a deeper understanding of their samples than ever before.
The ethyl acetate was placed in a sample vial then analyzed by GC-MS.
The GC-MS analysis of the crude extract of fish samples was performed using a Varian GC-MS (Model Varian CP 3800) equipped with a VF-5 fused silica capillary column (30m x 0.
Finally in 2009 a renewed campaign of scientific examination and comparative testing, including GC-MS testing on the paint media and varnish, proved beyond a shadow of doubt that the gallery's painting was indeed a fake that was painted in the 19th century.
The GC-MS can be used to analyse a wide variety of materials.
GC-MS has developed into a common analytical technique in the agriculture and food industries due to its ability to separate and clearly identify many of the compounds of interest.
You should be able to follow-up results promptly and order a GC-MS if indicated.